Kamloops Gun Dog Club Hunt Test 2017.
(3 Day Event)

May 26, 27 and 28

To be held at Kamloops B.C.  Hunt Test headquarters will be at the Knutsford Trailer Park, about 5 minutes south of town on Highway #5A. This test is open to all Retrievers, Irish Water Spaniels, Standard Poodles and Barbets, and is held under the Hunt Test Rules and Regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club (Chief Executive Officer - Lance Novak), #400 - 200 Ronson Dr, Etobicoke, ON, M9W 5Z9. The CKC Regional Director for the BC Interior and the Yukon is Mr. Sandy Fletcher, and the CKC BC Hunt Test Representative is Susan Endersby.



And all club members (Judith Naylor, Don Byers, Susan Endersby, Arnold Abram, Dale & Dianne Flack, Doug & Lynette Leach, Brian Mitchell, Mike, Penny & Heather Sharpe, Robin & Bruce Traynor, Alan McLean, Keith & Roxanne Baird, Leanne Coombes, Lorne Wood & daughter Alex, Al & Janette Biggs, Garvin & Joanne Wallace)

Entries will be accepted until the time of the Draw at 7.00 p.m. on Wednesday May 17th, 2017. The draw will be held at the home of the Hunt Test Secretary. Please send one entry form per running dog for each test entered on the CKC-approved entry forms. An $8:00 (plus GST) listing fee is required for dogs not registered with the CKC. Payment must be in CANADIAN funds (money order or bank draft from the USA). CKC registration or ERN number must be applied for within 30 days of the test or all awards will be cancelled. The special application forms are available from the CKC at the above address, or online at

Bitches in season may not run and must be withdrawn. Full refunds will be given for dogs withdrawn because of an injury, or death, and for bitches in season, if notification in writing is accompanied by a veterinarian's certificate. Refunds will be given for other legitimate reasons, subject to approval by the Hunt Test Committee.


JUNIOR 1May 26
8:00 am
$50Lynn Dowling
Heather Sharp
JUNIOR 2May 27
8.00 am
$50Don Byers
Leanne Coombes
JUNIOR 3May 28
8:00 am
$50Lynn Campbell
Roxanne Baird
SENIOR 1May 26
8.00 am
$60Brian MacDonald
Lynn Campbell
SENIOR 2May 27
8:00 am
$60Doug Field
Lori Little
SENIOR 3May 28
8.00 am
$60Lynn Dowling
Kathy Bignell
MASTER 1May 26
8:00 am
$70Rick Regamble
John Hatfield
MASTER 2May 27
8.00 am
$70Susan Endersby
Brian MacDonald
MASTER 3May 28
8:00 am
$70Doug Field
Ross Campbell

Judges have been approved by the CKC.

Ducks and/or pheasants will be used in all tests, with ducks and pheasants and/or live pigeons for the flushing test. Handlers should be dressed in hunting attire, or dark or camouflage clothing.

TAILGATE SUPPER: There will be a BBQ starting at 5:00 pm on Saturday at the ball diamond at the Knutsford Trailer Park. The cost for the BBQ is $10 for adults and $5.00 for children. Raffle tickets will also be available.

If a veterinarian is needed Riverside Small Animal Hospital is on call at #102 -945 Lorne Street (phone: 250 - 372-7781)

Accommodation may be found at the following motels and trailer parks: